Sakura sketches

It is 2022, Corona seems on the retreat, the NFT debate is ongoing, climate, energy, earth's population and locust capitalism are the core challenges. Our young are totally lost in the wokeness of the 21st century.

Time to worship our new gods; the internet and computers. Enjoy some generated art.


I see myself in a long tradition of computer art, algorithmic art, generative art, ai art, (not so much) crypto art and the most recent nft art.

My brush is the computer, my canvas is the computer screen, my medium is the pixel or the vector my language is the lauguage of the bit and the math. My ambition is still for the computer to create art.

My audience is the nameless mass of my global village. And I have to be honest, I have no message and in that sense I'm hammering my paintings up onto any arbitrary tree in the vast forest of the internet with no idea if my non-message is heard.

Thank you to: Vera Molnar, Roman Verostko, Manfred Mohr, Mark Wilson, Sol LeWitt, Daniel Shiffman, Casey Reas, Ben Fry, Harm van Dorpel, Daniel Roozendaal.

.. you get a plane that flies but doesn't flap its wings! --Yaser S. Abu-Mostafa, California Institue of Technology

Jeroen Vesseur, Schiedam, The Netherlands, 2022